Pelvic Fracture Study Update

The Prospective Pelvic Fracture Study is now beginning the second year of data accrual. Much of year one was spent in obtaining IRB approval from each participating study site; currently, there are 14 approved centers. Additional time has been spent in reaching a contract agreement with Uniform Data Systems for Medical Rehabilitation (USDMR), the organization that owns the WeeFIM tool. An agreement has been finalized and individual contracts have been sent to each of the participating study centers. However, because of this delay, only WeeFIM licensed study centers could enroll patients during year one, which resulted in only a few patients being entered into the study.

A WeeFIM training seminar took place in Chicago Friday, September 27th. One coordinator from each participating study center was invited to participate.

All study centers will be notified of changes that require IRB amendment. We will provide you with any necessary support documentation for IRB renewals. Please contact Dr. Karen Guice ([email protected]) with your questions or comments.

We thank you for your patience and continued participation and look forward to working with you on this project.


APSA Trauma Outcomes Steering Committee

Keith Oldham, MD
Steve Stylianos, MD
Andrea Winthrop, MD
Karen Guice, MD, MPP