Meeting App 2019

Download the meeting app for easy access to all APSA 50th Anniversary Meeting information. Access the schedule, sessions speakers, full abstracts, exhibitors, maps, Twitter feed PLUS build your personal schedule.

How to Access the App

  • Go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play store
  • Search for and download the eventscribe app. Please note this is a different vendor from last year.
  • Search for APSA 50th, then click to launch
  • You will be asked to create an account in order to take notes and share information. During the process you can choose whether or not to share your contact information with other attendees. You can also change your accessiblity by going into Settings and un/selecting Share my info with Colleagues.

The icon on your home screen will be for eventscribe, but it will open directly into the APSA meeting app.


Create a Personal Schedule
  • To add a session, click on the star icon next to a session listing or at the botton of your screen.
  • To add a personal appointment, click the three line "hamburger menu" in the top right of your screen. Under Your Event, click on Add Meeting.

Share and Network
Click the People icon from the home screen:
  • Browse speakers - find a session presenter
  • Browse app users - search for other attendees who have chosen to share their contact information. Click on a person; then choose an action from the icons along the bottom of the screen 
  • Browse attendees - see who else is at the meeting! This list contains names and institutions of registered attendees; some opted not to be included. This does not link with the speaker or app users lists.

Click the Extras icon on the home screen for some of the PDFs and links mentioned in sessions

Share Your Pictures and Comments
Click the blue Attendee Feed icon on the home screen. See and like what others have shared. Create a post or share a picture using the icons on the botton of the screen.