Past Keynote Presentations

The APSA Annual Meeting is known for high-calibre topics and research and for its expert presenters. View the lists of past keynote presenters and their presentation titles.

Robert E. Gross Lecture

  • 2018 - Tracy C. Grikscheit, MD, "Stem Cells for Babies and their Surgeons: the Future is Now"
  • 2017 - Stephen W. Bickler, MD, DTM&H, "Out of Africa: Insights from a Prospective Pediatric Surgery Database"
  • 2016 - Mary E. Fallat, MD, "Redefining Ladd's Path"
  • 2015 - Robert S. Langer, ScD, "Biomaterials and Biotechnology: from the Discovery of the First Angiogenesis Inhibitors to the Development of Controlled Drug Delivery Systems and the Foundation of Tissue Engineering"
  • 2014 - Diana L. Farmer, MD, "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: From Singapore to Stem Cell Therapy"
  • 2013 - Jorge D. Reyes, MD, "intestinal Transplantation: An Unexpected Journey"
  • 2012 - Daniel M. Green, MD, “The Evolution of Treatment of Wilms’ Tumor”
  • 2011 - Judson G. Randolph, MD, “Notes on the Early Development of Pediatric Surgery in the United States”
  • 2010 - John D. Birkmeyer, MD, “Measuring and Improvement the Quality of Pediatric Surgery”
  • 2009 - Stanley B. Prusiner, MD, “Designer Prions and a Quest for Therapy”
  • 2008 - Michael W.L. Gauderer, MD, “Creativity and the Surgeon”
  • 2007 - Francisco G. Cigarroa, MD, “Leading an Academic Health Center in the 21st Century: A Pediatric Surgeon’s Perspective”
  • 2006 - Diana Bianchi, MD, “Fetomaternal Cell Trafficking: A Story that Begins with Prenatal Diagnosis and May End with Stem Cell Therapy”
  • 2005 - W. Hardy Hendren, MD, “Looking Back 50 Years”
  • 2004 - Giulio (Dan) D’Angio, MD, “The Role of the Surgeon in the Past, Present and Future of Pediatric Oncology”
  • 2003 - Lucien Leape, MD, “Safe Health Care — Are We Up to It?”
  • 2002 - Harold Shapiro, PhD, “The Ethical Dimensions of Scientific Progress”
  • 2001 - Judah Folkman, MD, ”Angiogenesis-Dependent Diseases”
  • 2000 - J. Bruce Beckwith, MD, “Pediatric Renal Tumors at the New Millennium: Myths, Misunderstandings, Controversies and Opportunities”
  • 1999 - Samuel A . Wells, Jr., MD, (Title not available)
  • 1998 - Richard M. Satava, MD, “Medicine in the 21st Century”
  • 1997 - Douglas W. Wilmore, MD, “Will Organ Growth Replace Transplantation? Lessons from Patients with Short Bowel Syndrome”
  • 1996 - Robert H . Bartlett, MD, “Surgery, Science and Respiratory Failure”
  • 1995 - David A . Williams, MD, “The Role of Interleukin-II on the Pathophysiology of the Small Intestine”
  • 1994 - W. French Anderson, PhD, “Human Gene Therapy”
  • 1993 - Judah Folkman, MD, “Clinical Applications of Angiogenesis Research”
  • 1992 - Warren Zapol, MD, “Inhaled Nitric Oxide: A Selective Vaso-Dilator”
  • 1991 - Joel Cooper, MD, “History and Current Status of Lung Transplantation”
  • 1990 - Richard Simmons, MD, “Role of the Gut Flora in Surgery”
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International Guest Lecture

  • 2018 - Miliard Derbew, MD, "Pediatric Surgery in Eastern Africa: Unmet Needs"
  • 2015 - Paul K.H. Tam, MBBS, ChM, "Hirschsprung's Disease: a Bridge for Science and Surgery"
  • 2014 - Professor Jacques Marescaux, "Next Step in Minimally Invasive Surgery: Hybrid Image-Guided Surgery"
  • 2013 - Agostino Pierro, MD, "Across the Ocean: Perspectives for Clinical Care, Training and Research"
  • 2012 - Benno M. Ure, MD, “Enthusiasm, Evidence and Ethics: the Triple E of Minimally Invasive Pediatric Surgery”
  • 2011 - Professor Takeshi Miyano, MD, “A Brief History of Pediatric Surgery and Healthcare Delivery Systems in Japan”
  • 2010 - Jan Alice Marcel Deprest, MD, “Prenatal Management of the Fetus with Isolated CDH”
  • 2009 - Marcelo Martinez Ferro, MD, “New Approaches to Pectus and Other MIS in Argentina”
  • 2008 - Tadashi Iwanaka, MD, “Technical Innovation, Standardization and Skill Qualification of Pediatric Minimally Invasive Surgery in Japan”
  • 2007 - Claire Nihoul-Fékété, MD, “Is Regionalism of Complex Pediatric Malformations Desirable and Feasible? The Example of Disorders of Sexual Development”
  • 2005 - Prof. Frans W.J. Hazebroek, MD, PhD, “Is Continuation of Life Support Always the Best Option for the Surgical Neonate?”
  • 2004 - David A. Lloyd, MD, “Tomorrow’s Surgeons: Who Cares for the Patient?”
  • 2003 - Claire Nihoul-Fékété, MD, “Modern Surgical Management of Congenital Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia”
  • 2002 - Takeshi Miyano, MD, “Biliary Tree: A Gardener’s 30-Year Experience”
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Journal of Pediatric Surgery Lecture

  • 2018 - Steven Stylianos, MD, "To Save a Child's Spleen: 50 Years from Toronto to ATOMAC"
  • 2017 - Diana L. Farmer, MD, "Audacious Goals 2.0: The Global Initiative in Children's Surgery"
  • 2016 - Michael W. Collins, PhD, "Sport-Related Concussion: Moving in the Right Direction"
  • 2015 - Robert W. Block, MD, "All Adults Once Were Children"
  • 2014 - Eric A. Rose, MD, "Understanding Translational Research"
  • 2013 - David B. Hoyt, MD, "The American College of Surgeons Model for Quality Improvement"
  • 2012 - Brad W. Warner, MD, “Adaptation:Paradigm for an Academic Career and the Gut”
  • 2011 - Professor Lewis Spitz, “The History of Paediatric Surgery in the United Kingdom and the National Health Service”
  • 2010 - Robert H. Bartlett, MD, “ECMO: Gross, Beethoven, Krummel and Georgeson”
  • 2008 - Thomas M. Krummel, MD, “Inventing Our Future: Training the Next Generation of Surgeon Innovators”
  • 2007 - Alan W. Flake, MD, “Stem Cell Biology and Pediatric Surgery – Deciphering the Venn Diagram”
  • 2006 - Pedro Rosselló, MD, “The Unfinished Business of American Healthcare”
  • 2005 - Alberto Peña, MD, “Luck and Serendipity, the History of a Surgical Technique”
  • 2004 - R. Scott Jones, MD, “The American College of Surgeons Initiatives for Safety and Quality Improvement”
  • 2003 - Patricia K. Donahoe, MD, “Sustained Inquiry and Perseverance in the Clinic and at the Bench”
  • 2002 - Michael R. Harrison, MD, “Fetal Surgery: Trials, Tribulations and Territory”
  • 2001 - Joseph P. Vacanti, MD, “The History and Current Status of Tissue Engineering”

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Jay and Margie Grosfeld Lecture

  • 2018 -  Paul E. Farmer, MD, PhD, "Watering the Desert: Addressing Surgical Disparities in an Age of Austerity"
  • 2017 - James A. O'Neill, Jr., MD, "A Model for Humanitarian Outreach in Today's World"
  • 2016 - Vinay Nadkarni, MD, MS, "Resuscitating Resuscitation: Disruptive Innovations - Learning from the Past, Present and Toward a Brighter Future!"
  • 2015 - Henri R. Ford, MD, MHA, " Insights into the Pathogenesis of Necrotizing Enterocolitis: the Role of the Intestinal Microbiota"
  • 2014 - Gail E. Besner, MD, "A Pain in the NEC: Research Challenges and Opportunities"
  • 2013 - Jessica J. Kandel, MD, "Serendipity: Translational Research, High Quality Care and the Children's Hospital"
  • 2012 - M. James Kaufman, PhD, “Heath Care Reform – the Impact on Children”
  • 2011 - Anthony Atala, MD, “Regenerative Medicine: New Approaches to Healthcare”
  • 2010 - Christopher K. Breuer, MD, "The Development and Translation of the Tissue Engineered Vascular Grafts"
  • 2009 - Michael T. Longaker, MD, MBA, “Regenerative Medicine: A Surgeon’s Perspective”
  • 2008 - Frederick J. Rescorla, MD, “What’s New in Pediatric Surgery”
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Plenary Lecture

  • 2016 - Mary L. Brandt, MD, "Sustaining a Career"