Abstract Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Submission Deadlines

  • Plenary Session 1 - presentation recording and slides due May 1 
  • Posters - presentation recording due May 14
  • All other Podium and Video abstracts - presentation recording and slides due May 14

General Information

The APSA Annual Meeting provides a professional forum for the presentation and discussion of new ideas, issues and developments of importance to APSA members and to the interested community. The presentation of abstracts is a key feature of the meeting. Your cooperation in adhering to all of the guidelines will help the meeting run smoothly and provide quality and consistency for the attendees.

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Presentation Recording Instructions

Tutorials - Recording Your Presentation

Poster Abstracts
Download written instructions (PDF)
View video tutorial
Converting PPT to PDF

Oral Abstracts
Download written instructions (PDF)
View video tutorial

Presentation Submission Instructions

Oral Abstracts
  • file must be titled as follows: PODIUMNUMBERLASTNAME.MP4.  Example: 23SMITH.MP4
  • corresponding slide deck must be uploaded and titled as follows: PODIUMNUMBERLASTNAME.PPT.  Example: 23SMITH.PPT
  • upload your files here

Video Abstracts
  • video must be narrated and is limited to 5 minutes
  • file must be titled as follows: ABSTRACTNUMBERLASTNAME.MP4.  Example: 56SMITH.MP4
  • submit one slide with author contact information for display during discussion.  File must be titled as follows: ABSTRACTNUMBERLASTNAME.PPT.  Example: 56SMITH.PPT
  • upload your files here

Presentation Types 

Plenary Sessions
  • Limited to 10 minutes: 5 mins. presentation, 5 mins. discussion.
  • Unlimited number of slides.

Scientific Sessions
  • Limited to 8* minutes: 4 mins. presentation, 4 mins. discussion.
  • Unlimited number of slides.
*except those abstracts presented in committee-specific sessions where the committee chair has indicated a different presentation length.

Abstracts with Video Presentations
  • Video must include audio narration of the procedure 
  • Video presentations are limited to 8 minutes: 5 mins. presentation, 3 mins. discussion, except for those abstracts presented in committee-specific sessions where the committee chair has indicated a different presentation length.

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Podium Presentations

Session Release Schedule Coming Soon!

Abstract presentations are spread out among 19 scientific sessions as follows:

  • Plenary Session I
  • Plenary Session II
  • Scientific Session 1: Quality and Safety
  • Scientific Session 2: ECLS and CDH
  • Scientific Session 3: Oncology I - Neuroblastoma and Hepatic Tumors
  • Scientific Session 4: Oncology II - Sarcoma and Renal Tumors
  • Scientific Session 5: Trauma
  • Scientific Session 6: Basic Science
  • Scientific Session 7: Practice and Education
  • Scientific Session 8: General Pediatric Surgery
  • Scientific Session 9: Thoracic Surgery
  • Scientific Session 10: Neonatal Surgery
  • Scientific Session 11: Colorectal Surgery
  • Scientific Session 12: Pediatric Gynecologic Surgery
  • New Technology Committee
  • Informatics Committee: Social Media and Informatics Demystified - How You Integrate Your Brand with APSA's
  • Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Committee
  • Research Committee: Emerging Aspects in Tissue Engineering and Stem Cells
  • Trauma Committee
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All poster presentations are pre-recorded and will be available for viewing in APSA's virtual poster hall. 


APSA awards several prizes for outstanding presentations.

Innovation Award
One $500 award is given for best innovation abstract. The winning presentation is selected by special committee made up of the Program Committee, New Technology Committee and members of the APSA Board of Governors. The award is based solely on scores determined from the presentation at the annual meeting. Learn more.

Posters of Distinction 
APSA selects two outstanding posters, one in basic science and one in clinical categories. Posters are judged on scientific merit and visual presentation.  Each winner will receive a $250 award.

Award recipients must be residents or fellows currently enrolled in a training program. Learn more.

M. Judah Folkman Memorial Awards

APSA and the APSTPD are proud to present the M. Judah Folkman Memorial Award for outstanding research presentations given during the APSA Annual Meeting. Presentations are judged on scientific merit, the presented work and the ability to field questions from the membership.

Members of the Program Committee and the APSTPD select one winner in basic science and one winner in clinical categories. Each winner will receive a $1,000 award and a medallion.

Award recipients must be residents or fellows currently enrolled in a training program.   Learn more.

Quality, Safety and Value in Surgery Award
This award is given to the manuscript that describes a research study or quality improvement project that best addresses the value proposition by demonstrating an improvement in outcomes while at the same time reducing cost or other measures of resource utilization. The quality of the manuscript and potential impact of the intervention for improving value outside of the author’s own institution will serve as the primary criteria for judging. The recipient of the award will receive a $500 prize and a framed certificate.

  • Eligible abstracts are identified by the APSA Surgical Quality & Safety Committee.
  • A manuscript supporting the abstract must be submitted for review for publication in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery or a journal of the author's choosing by the stated deadline.
  • The recipient will contribute content to the APSA Quality and Safety toolkit.
  • Posters and video presentations are not eligible, unless specifically identified as candidates by the APSA Surgical Quality & Safety Committee. Learn more.

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Manuscript Submission

Submission period ended March 16, 2020. Authors will receive notification of status by June 1. 


Casey M. Calkins, MD, Program Committee Chair
Lee Ann Clark, Executive Director
Marina Petrulla, Administrative Director