Dr. Enrique Marquez Grau (“Quique" )


Dr. Carmen Ramos

Dr. Enrique Marquez Grau (“Quique" ) died November 26, 2019. He was the first pediatric cardiovascular surgeon in the Island of Puerto Rico and a Charter Member of APSA.
He was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico in 1930 and graduated from the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine in 1955. He completed his pediatric surgical training in Canada and returned in 1965 to Puerto Rico with specialty training in general surgery, pediatric surgery and cardiothoracic surgery. He was the only surgeon in the Island who was board certified in all three specialties.

In 1970, he performed the first open heart surgical procedure in a pediatric patient in PR and saved the life of a 15-year-old child who needed a tricuspid valve replacement.
Since then, Dr Marquez became a teacher, mentor and leader in pediatric general and cardiothoracic surgery in the Island. He became the Chief of Pediatric Surgery at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Center and chief of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery at the Puerto RIco Cardiovascular Center. As Professor of Surgery, he trained dozens of surgeons and inspired many of us to follow his steps as pediatric surgeons.
Dr. Marquez practiced pediatric surgery for 55 years. He is considered  the father of Pediatric Surgery in Puerto Rico. In 2002, the renovated operating rooms at the University Pediatric Hospital were named after him. At the time, the governor Sila Calderon called him the “surgeon of the Puerto Rican children". In March 2019, the University of Puerto Rico Medical Center honored him as a "teacher of teachers of surgery..”