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Hi, my name is David and I have extensive experience in pediatric surgical teams within America, I have started this blog to give my opinion and share my experience on the things I have learned over the last few decades as a pediatric surgeon.

If you have any questions that you want to ask me directly please feel free to reach out via our contact us page.

We are NOT the American Pediatric Surgical Association

It has come to my attention that this used to be the website of the American Pediatric Surgical Association, this is no longer the case so if you are looking for them then please visit the website below:


I was able to find some information from the old website that might help direct you to the correct place:

American Pediatric Surgical Association

More than 1,200 members strong, the American Pediatric Surgical Association is dedicated to saving lifetimes. APSA helps patients and families every day by:

Developing and sharing surgical standards and quality of care through guidelines and the children’s surgery verification project


Supporting our members through initiatives on diversity and wellness and educational resources such as the annual meeting, handbooks and the Pediatric Surgery NaT, which was written by nearly 500 APSA volunteers


Advocating for the well-being and safety of children related to societal issues such as child abuse and gun violence

I have updated the above text with the correct links, where they no longer exist on the new website I have directed it to the homepage. I have also salvaged some useful content that might assist parents, you can find it in the archived content section. This is not my content.

Please do not contact me with anything to do with the American Pediatric Surgical Association, this is now the official website of the American Pediatric Surgical Affair.

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